Finnish Concrete Microscopy Ltd. (Betonialan Ohuthiekeskus FCM Oy) 

Finnish Concrete Microscopy Ltd provides customers with mineral-based material research services. We're experienced with concrete – both old and new.

FCM is an accredited testing laboratory as defined by the Finnish Concrete Code. The laboratory has held accreditation for thin section testing since 2003 (T208, EN ISO/IEC 17025). The accreditation covers damage analysis in condition surveys and the confirmation of the frost resistance of new concrete using the thin section technique.

FCM operates in Sotkamo and in Koski near Turku. FCM was established in 2001. In addition to its personnel, the company is owned by engineering offices Sweco Asiantuntijapalvelut Oy, Suomen Talokeskus Oy and Insinööritoimisto Lauri Mehto Oy, who employ a total of approximately 340 people. Our laboratory team is currently made up of two employees.

FCM was the first research company to introduce 75 mm long thin sections instead of the traditional 48-55 mm sections. The longest thin sections we have made are up to 100 mm long. In addition to microstructure testing carried out using thin section techniques, our laboratory also provides:

  • condition surveys of concrete structures
  • sample drilling and measurement services using our own machinery
  • tensile strength testing in the field and in the laboratory
  • freeze-thaw testing of concrete (known as the Borås-test)
  • high quality thin sections of stone and ore samples etc.