Betonialan Ohuthiekeskus FCM Oy Head office in Sotkamo

FCM specializes in the use of the thin section technique. The company was the first testing laboratory in Finland to receive accreditation for microscopic investigations of concrete.

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Betonialan Ohuthiekeskus FCM Oy

  • Office of Sotkamo
    Betonialan Ohuthiekeskus FCM Oy
    Ratatie 21, 88600 SOTKAMO, Finland

  • Office of Koski Tl
    Betonialan Ohuthiekeskus FCM Oy
    Takatalontie 260, 31500 KOSKI Tl, Finland


toimitusjohtaja kari peippoPeippo Kari / Koski Tl
B.Sc (Civ.Eng.), managing director
Tel. +358 40 5203498

Concrete structure condition surveys, microscopic analyses of thin sections, quality control. Over 35 years of experience with concrete (R&D and production management tasks in the concrete industry)

Laboratoriomestari Timo KorhonenKorhonen Timo / Sotkamo
Laboratory master
Tel. +358 50 3539821

Making of thin sections, sample drilling, tensile strength tests and other laboratory testing linked to condition surveys

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